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Belt/cutlass/hairtail veteran?

Went fishing the other day with 2 other kaki, pretty much figured out the baitfish pattern, 2 hours before the high tide. They will be more abundant after a rain too. Got my first take pretty quick but got cut off. After that I caught 2 hairtails, one of which was huge, okay maybe not that big but was a record for me. Marc caught another one and yw was empty handed, he did get a few takes but failed to set the hook or got cut off.


Beltfish again!

Once again at my favorite spot on bedok jetty, caught 1 belt fish on a large tuabak(Bigeye Ilisha). Had several cut lines as i waited too long to reel in the fish, though it was a gar :\

New pliers came in handy to remove to hook, but the fish still jumped quite a lot, made me jump too.

Look at those teeth!! you wouldn’t want to get bit!

Lost some gain some

Went fishing at bedok jetty with some 1st timers, got them addicted to fishing. Tambans were again very plentiful. Managed to hook up a huge garfish, exhilarating, managed to peel my drag easily. However my line broke while i was lifting it out of the water due to some damage when it swam under the jetty and the line frayed against the jetty pillars. It was my biggest garfish yet. Then managed to land 2 beltfish, my first time catching them. Not strong fighters, they tend to take the bait and tuck in straight away unlike gars. released 1 for good karma and gave away the other as it was gut hooked. Also bought new pliers to avoid those pesky garfish and beltfish teeth, would significantly reduce the time it take to remove and release the fishes.